The BSA Religious Emblems program is designed to help a scout deepen his relationship with God at an appropriate developmental level.  There are various books available to meet the needs of different denominations and age of the scout.  To learn more about the Religious Emblem program you can visit:

Please note that these are parent-guided programs to be completed between now and December.

Available Catholic Programs for Cub Scouts

Tigers and Wolves are eligible to earn the Light of Christ award.

Bears and Webelos are eligible to earn Parvuli Dei.

Available Non-Catholic Programs for Cub Scouts

In addition to the Catholic oriented program, BSA offers programs for many denominations.  

For example, cub scouts who are Protestant can take part in the PRAY program and earn the God and Me or God and Family award:

Please see a list of all available awards by denomination here.  If you are interested in any of these programs, we will help you connect with the correct religious emblem coordinator for completion.

Earning an emblem (other than the Guardian Angel) will allow the Cub Scout to wear the purple and silver youth religious emblem knot on their uniform and on their future Scouts BSA and adult uniforms.

If your scout would like to earn the religious emblem for his/her rank, you should purchase the workbook before October 15. Workbooks take 3-6 weekends to complete and are due in December so that scouts can be recognized for their achievements at the scout mass or a pack meeting early next year.

Please contact the religious emblems coordinator if you and your scout are interested in starting work on an emblem.